Project management software for
real-estate development

UI/UX design and development of the web application for the company's project managers and a separate portal for board members

Arctic Business Management AS

Is a Norwegian authorized external accounting firm in the Arctic Group.
The company specializes in property management, business management, and accounting for syndicates and investment funds in the commercial real estate market.
The business and property management team works closely with the corporate finance division. The company manages the entire process from acquisition to, for example, zoning, leasing, maintenance, and exit for the investors in the funds.

What needed to be done

The client wanted
that could cater the needs of their company while being extremely easy to use and understand for all employees.
Roughly speaking, we had to create Atlassian-like service where everything would be kept in one place with no need in switching between the apps and systems.
A project management software
The list of important features includes information about:
property maps,
finances, contracts,
todo-lists, calendars
project boards
employees' contact books
lists of tasks with deadlines
...and many more!
+1 idea in the process
The client decided that they wanted to create a separate portal for the board members representing the funds. The portal will display detailed information and statistics regarding the investment and act as a communication and file-sharing portal between Arctic and the board.

How We Worked

We were lucky to have the client who came to us with the initial requirements. For a more thorough project study, we started the investigation phase. It helped us figure out a definite vision for the final look of the product and clarify all the specifications. We took into account all of the provided data including the project's feature list.

1. The investigation phase

Fully and deeply processed terms of reference and description of each product module and their interaction in the system.
We took into account all of the provided data including projects feature list. We had chosen clickable UX-prototype to visualize how the final product will look. It also helped them to put our team to the test and see how we can fulfill all of the initial requirements.

The clickable UX-prototype

Since the company is from Norway, please note that the prototype is in Norwegian
So, by understanding the user context and workflows (which we built with the prototype), we turned the best, most intuitive user interface into visually beautiful and stylish design layouts by understanding the user context and workflows (which we built with the prototype) We also created a Styleguide to utilize design elements in the further development of new user interfaces.

2. Design And Styling of User Interface

Over 50 UI mockups with clean and awesome designs, ready to use in the final web application development process.
We based the design on the existing products of the company for consistency

Most of the colors and gradient options were taken from one of the company's apps and we built everything upon it.

Our designer took inspiration from different todo apps, calendars, and real estate websites.
We used the wizard to fill out large data forms. We implemented it to create and edit a new project. Initially, this form is very large and full of information with a vast number of modalities. We've divided it into five steps.

Minor edits can be made using point editing modularly. The wizard can be opened by clicking on the gear icon to make major changes.
The Wizard
Each project contains comprehensive information about everything related to a particular property. Putting it on one page was not a functional solution. So we had to come up with an alternative. Tabs became such a solution.

The project manager can get an overview of everything related to that tab by clicking each one of them.
We have implemented a floor plan for each building so that employees of the client's company understand which zones are located on which floor.

Our designers took inspiration from the floor plans on real estate websites. Our simplified floor plan solution is not overloaded visually and is very minimalistic.

Each card contains only the most important information about the object. It shows the building, floors with the areas connected to the different floors and also the tenants connected to the different areas.
Building Plans
It was crucial to create a calendar with important reports and project events for the convenience of client's employees.

This project planning calendar features several projects and companies in one space, providing a comprehensive overview of all important stages.
All participating employees and auditors are also displayed here.

In addition, tasks and events that are set in the project planning calendar can be automatically synchronized with the calendars of all involved employees.

It also creates automatic tasks and sends them to the dashboards of the participating employees and auditors.
Project planning module
Our client provided us with the information in Google Sheets. We turned them into a functional interface in accordance with best UI/UX practices.
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an amazing idea
Just drop us a line
and we will be happy to work with you!
The client side of the project was written with React. In addition to the stack we used PostgreSQL. That is because most of the client services use PostgreSQL and it was easier for them to incorporate.
Arctic Business Management was the first time we used Strapi for our projects. It helped us with backend and API client generation. There are also integrations with authorization services: Microsoft and Auth0.

3. Development Process

Interlinking of a large amount of data between various modules. As well as a service with financial indicators that are calculated according to certain formulas.
During the design process, we encountered project-specific challenges. It was essential to understand investment and development terminology and how everything works to build a clear and orderly system.

The key challenge for our team was the coherence of all processes and modules on the site. We had to account for each date and task and make sure that changes made in one place were immediately reflected in all related areas.

Challenges and solutions
The key factor of this project was the communication with the client. Our client was interested in immersing the team in the specifics of the project and gave constant feedback.

He also gave constant feedback, which helped to cope with any difficulties that arose.

Important element
Project manager, designer, 3 developers, QA engineer
Project team
Tech stack
NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Strapi, React


What the client says about us
The collaboration between Asynchron and the client has been well so far. What stood out is the team's ability to provide smart solutions to issues that come up without overstepping their decision-making boundaries.
David S.
Portfolio Manager
Jubilee Hills
Hyderabad, Telangana
the India
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