E-commerce web-service for a Norwegian Delivery Service.
Our product makes e-commerce available for small organizations and charity projects in Norway

Helthjem Flash Sales

A Norwegian parcel door-to-door delivery service.
The Company specializes in delivery of newspapers, magazines, books and parcels.
Helthjem enables you to offer next-day home delivery to most of Norway.
and project goals
The management of the delivery service came up with the idea to create a micro-store service to enable micro-businesses to try themselves in e-commerce and increase the number of requests for delivery of various goods.
In addition to the service for creating stores, it was also decided to make a service for so-called "return shops", since returning goods that didn't fit the buyer is also done through the delivery service.
Since 1767 Helthjem has been engaged in delivery services and doing everything possible for customers to ensure that they are satisfied with the service.
The service was supposed to be convenient, understandable and simple for ordinary company managers. The user interface was supposed to be modular and easily editable.
Simple and intuitive shop constructor
Add a product into the shop, fill in a description and parameters
Configure available shipping methods
Shipping Methods
Connect and configure payment methods
Payment methods
Editor mode / Publish
Move the slider to see the store in "editable" vs "published' mode
Move the slider
Publish a store!
Voila! Your project is running!
"We looked at several providers, both local and international, as we wanted a combination of flexibility regarding team members as well as a good price point and experience. We gave a pilot project to several companies, and based on those results, we decided on Asynchron."
We started with sketches on paper. After discussing the concepts, we came up with high fidelity wireframes.
100% Adaptive design
Buyers often purchase through their mobile phone, so each shop has to be mobile-friendly.

We made stores convenient to use on any device.

Design with Figma App
We draw all the design layouts of the service with the Figma Application. This makes the process accurate and streamlined.
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